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About Compare Fund Platforms

I'm Justin Modray, the person behind this site and Candid Money - both totally independent, free and impartial financial websites.

Fund platforms have become the most convenient and flexible route for many of us to invest. But trying to compare overall cost like for like is very difficult - charges are levied in different ways and most funds are now available with several charging options (called 'classes'). Plus some platforms are cheaper via 'discount brokers'.

Making the wrong decision could, over time, cost you a small fortune, so I decided to build this site to help you easily and accurately compare leading fund platforms for your own choice of funds in a matter of minutes.

Although it might look simple on the surface, putting together the comparison system was quite tricky (which is probably why this is currently the only site of its kind), but I think the hard work has been worth it. If you have any feedback and constructive comments, I'd love to hear them - just click here. As well as helping me improve the site's day to day functionality, your feedback can help shape it in future so that it's as useful as I can possibly make it.

Hope you find the site helpful and if you want more general investment and money guidance please take a look at www.candidmoney.com.

Best wishes,
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Justin Modray

P.S. If you like the site, please recommend it to your friends and colleagues!

How is the site funded?

As with Candid Money, it's largely a labour of love. I built both sites myself and have no staff, which helps minimise costs (that are just about covered via a bit of advertising on Candid Money). I've recently introduced 'pay per click' on the results page of this site. That means some platforms have agreed to pay a small sum when a user clicks through to their websites. It doesn't affect the results in any way nor what you pay if you subsequently use that platform, but I hope it will generate some revenue to help keep this site going.

What's my background?

I spent much of my time between 1995 and 2007 working as an Independent Financial Adviser, firstly for Chase de Vere Investments and latterly for Bestinvest. As well as advising clients, I provided expert financial comment for the press, resulting in my comments being featured in thousands of newspaper articles and a few hundred radio and TV appearances. I'm certainly not attracted to the limelight, but the thought of getting a message across to a wider audience, helping people avoid being ripped off by some financial companies and advisers, spurred me on to build the Candid Money website.

Prior to all that I worked in TV commercial production for a few years, after graduating from the London School of Economics with an Economics degree.